Looking to have new sod installed at your property –  let the pros at Grow Earth take care of the dirty work to transform your yard. Big project or small, new construction, or a rip-out and reinstall, Grow Earth has the experience necessary to provide you with the sod solution that is right for you. We specialize in the following services:


  • Grade Work and Soil Erosion Control
  • Commercial and Residential Sod Delivery
  • Commercial and Residential Sod Installation
  • Yard Tear up and Debris Disposal
  • Soil Delivery and Installation
  • New Construction Home Installation


Installing new sod can make a huge difference in the appearance and value of your home or business. Grow Earth has the knowledge, equipment, and experience to take care of the job right, giving you a lawn you can enjoy for years to come.


The majority of the sod installed in the state of Michigan is Kentucky Bluegrass. Our Kentucky Bluegrass blend is 100% Kentucky Bluegrass and guaranteed to be weed and disease free. We also offer a number of specialty sods, including a shade mix please call for more details.



It all starts with the farm. Our farmers use state of the art equipment and seed blends to provide us with the best possible sod to install on your property. Their years of experience allow us to sell our premium sod only after it has been properly planted, watered, fertilized, and harvested.


Once the sod is ready, it’s equally as important to make sure that your soil conditions are optimum for the sod to really flourish. This can be achieved through soil testing or through an evaluation by our sod experts who have installed hundreds of acres of sod throughout the Metro Detroit area and beyond.


After your soil is properly conditioned, it needs to be graded. The amount of grading needed will vary greatly from property to property, but Grow Earth has the tools to handle it. Whether you need your old lawn ripped out, or topsoil installed on a builders rough grade let us transform your yard into a smooth, usable surface that drains properly looks outstanding.


When all of the prep work is completed the property is ready for sod. Our team of qualified installers will transform your yard as they install our sod. Once the sod is installed our experts will go over all the care instructions with you and help you to nurture your new sod into the beautiful yard you always dreamed of!



The Kentucky Blue Blend Class A sod that we have selected for your lawn does require routine care to maintain its lush beauty. You should have a healthy lawn for years to come, by maintaining the proper water and fertilizer program we recommend.


Water sod 3 times a day for the first 15 days (which is crucial rooting period) Set sprinklers around 9 am, Noon, 3 pm, for 15 to 20 minutes depending on the heat.

Heavy rainfall will reduce your need to water as frequently Soil should be kept moist to a depth of 4 to 6 inches. Do not water late at night. As the roots grow deeper in the ground, (1 ½ to 2 inches), watering can be tapered off but not stopped.


Try to stay off your lawn for the first couple of weeks or until sod is firmly rooted. (Due to moisture content in soil, you may leave footprints, which may have to be rolled out, or seams may not adhere properly, if walked on prematurely.) Lawn can be cut after rooting period has taken place, approximately 10 to 14 days.

Make sure to cut watering down enough to cut lawn, so you are able to walk on it and not make footprints, but be careful not to let it burn up.

Mow with a sharp blade, cutting no more than 1/3 of a blade at a time. Cutting a second time (on the first cut only) , may be needed. Kentucky Blue Grass should be left fairly long about 1 ½ to 2 inches in height Late afternoon or early evening cutting is usually the best for a new lawn ( gives the lawn less chance to burn after cutting).

There is no need to rake if you have a mulching mower, unless clippings are excessive enough to make clumps (which in time will kill grass underneath, if left in place)

Rule of thumb: Mow new sod for the first time, when the blades of grass re about 40 to 50 percent greater than the regular cutting height.


Since your new sod has already been fertilized at the sod farm, we recommend not to fertilize the lawn till the new sod has completely rooted itself.

12-12-12 beginner fertilizer is recommended. About three weeks from when the sod is installed apply the beginner fertilizer.


*NOTE: Grow Earth recommends hiring a professional fertilization company to fertilize your sod for its first year.